A Recommendation Report

A Recommendation Report

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Portfolio Writing Project 12: A Recommendation Report Task: Write a Recommendation Report proposing change to the University of Toledo in response to this RFP:In an effort to improve student experiences, to better serve the student body, to facilitate a stronger campus community, to increase campus accessibility and to improve retention and graduation rates, the administration of the University of Toledo is seeking formal proposals of solutions to problems facing college students.We invite you to submit a Formal Recommendations Report proposing a change that may solve a current problem or simply make an improvement.Proposals should be addressed to the appropriate office, and present the problem and its relevance, and discuss the proposed solution.

make an argument that is informed by your research, rather than simply reporting your research findings. You will use example reports to layout and structure the recommendation report, applying basic design theory to your persuasive aim.

incorporate useful visuals into the report; and cite and label them according to the conventions of formal research. • Use Multi-media as an elevator pitch (1-5 slides) or a single webpage or inforgraphic that highlights the problem and your solution.Sources/research, etc…You will need a minimum of ten sources for your project. These MUST include a variety of sources. You may choose from newspaper, professional journal, and magazine articles; books and pamphlets, interviews and/or data collected from field trips and phone calls.

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