A cultural, linguistic, and ecological framework for response to intervention with English language learners

A cultural, linguistic, and ecological framework for response to intervention with English language learners

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During weeks 2, 4, 6, 11, and 14, you will be asked to write a detailed response to a review of an assigned article. You are required to write a thoughtful and critically responsive review that makes it clear you have read and understand the material. You must use and cite the assigned article AND the course text as a reference. You may also draw upon outside references (e.g., additional journal articles) as well as professional and/or personal experiences. These responses should be a minimum of three pages for each article (double spaced, 12-point font) and must include a reference list. You are required to also post a substantive response to at least two of your peers’ posts in order to receive credit. These substantive responses must include content and critical thinking. Simply responding to another peer with agreement will not count as a peer reply. Article Reviews As you read/explore these articles, below are some questions to consider:1. What was the article about and how does it relate to the content in our text?2. What importance does the article have in regards to the field of multicultural and special education?3. Are there any controversies or implications that should be considered?4. Which of your own beliefs, opinions, and values did the readings change or corroborate? How so? Will they affect your practices as an educational professional? If so, how?5. How do educational policies influence the educational system?Scoring Rubric:Article Reviews Development and Substantiation of Information• Article is directly reviewed and critiqued based upon the questions in the “article review guidelines”• Review is supported with information from a variety of sources (e.g., text, professional/personalexperience)• Maintains clear and logical organization of concepts and 7 points ideas APA and References• Appropriate use of APA 6 th edition style throughout • Absence of typological and spelling errors • References listed and citations used 3 points

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