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6 questions

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Choose one of the topics below and write a complete illustration paragraph that meets the following criteria:
• 8-10 sentence paragraph • clear topic sentence • at least three details and examples that support the topic
• concluding sentence • proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar Write the paragraph with your own ideas; do not research any information from an outside source. You may use your handbook and textbook for help with writing and formatting. Topics to choose from: 1. The world’s worst habits 2. Parents who are (or are not) disciplinarians
– No text entered – This question has not been graded. The correct answer is not displayed for Long Answer type questions. Citations Information Final-Citations Here is the information you will need to answer these questions. Use your Little/Brown handbook to cite the information properly. (Note: The information given to you here may not be entirely accurate. You should double-check this information in your textbook). • Full Book Title:

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