6 page on marketing strategy

6 page on marketing strategy

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Do a SWOT analysis. For the purposes of this course, you should be able to identify key strengths, or capabilities, for a given firm, as well as threats/opportunities. You don’t have to construct a grid like the one in Chapter 2, although that’s fine. The key is to identify what the firm does well compared to the competition, as well as not-so- well; and what kind of opportunity/threats that may impact its relationship with customers. In most cases you will be able to identify a few strengths and/or weaknesses, and a couple opportunities and/or threats.


Specify the target market (a.k.a. product/market focus) and analyze it in terms of at least one “-graphic” base, and at least one “behavioral” base. Why: -graphics show how to reach customers, behavioral variables show how to create value for them. You need to discuss these two dimensions – otherwise your analysis is one-dimensional, ie. shallow.


Explain the company’s positioning. It is a good idea to use the positioning statement shown in the previous section. It can be very brief – it is supposed to be very brief. Example. For the supermarket, the statement may read: “For families with discerning taste, Regal Farms is a quality food market that sells farm fresh produce, fine baked goods and deli and seafood products in a friendly and stylish environment.

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