3,4,5 Consumer behavior

3,4,5 Consumer behavior

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A)”Subcultures, Reference Groups, and Households” Please respond to the following:

1.From the e-Activity, project how marketing to segment of the stay-at-home dads will affect the buying behavior of their children in years to come. Determine two ways to counteract or foster the positive or negative influences for products that you believe may be affected.

2.Examine how communication strategies work in conjunction with reference groups. Select two different reference groups, and determine whether reference group communication assists or inhibits the consumption process.

B)”Product Placement and High and Low Involvement Products” Please respond to the following:

1.From the first e-Activity, compare four products on the market today that are using product placement in TV, movies, and video games. Point out the themes or trends that are present among these products.

2.From the second e-Activity, analyze what has made your brand selection marketable over time. Identify which external factors have occurred that have affected consumer behavior and the strategies involved in keeping the Best Global Brands on this exclusive list. Note the similarities and differences between your classmates’ examinations.

C)”Motivation, Emotion, Attitudes, and Product Repositioning” Please respond to the following:

1.Examine three key ways that consumers gain emotional intelligence about their patterns of consumption. Choose a market segment and determine two learning patterns that motivate customers in this market segment to purchase.

2.Analyze the attitude change strategies. Determine the effectiveness of negative advertising campaigns in regard to changing the components of attitude. Use examples to illustrate your point. Examine the pros and cons of attitude change strategies.

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