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This research paper explores the economic progress made by ethnic minority women during the period from 1990 to 2008 through political mobilization. Such a study is significant in understanding the factors that can be garnered to sustain their progress in the future especially in the context of the political mobilization. As ethnic minority women continue to fight for their place in the community, organizations representing their rights have developed all over the world. Such organizations play a crucial role in the fight for a just society as well as in improving the status of marginalized individuals and enhancing the efficiency of services for all. In the UK, these organizations fight for the rights of ethnic minority women and make sure that their views and suggestions reach policy-makers (Policy and Practice, 2011). They work with ethnic minority women to provide a basis for them to present their views (Oxfam, 2011). On the other hand, the political mobilization of the ethnic minority women also has had a pivotal role in enabling them to attain their goals. The proposed dissertation will explore how ethnic minority women mobilized politically to improve their economic status in society through political mobilization that helped them access education, employment, and better pay rates.

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