the presentation or write a script

the presentation or write a script

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please use all information that was sent in on last order the file is attached as case research proposal. You will conduct a presentation of your pilot study. you can write notes in the powerpoint slides The presentation should include background information from your rationale (1-2 slides), research question (1 slide), methods (1-2 slides), preliminary results from your pilot study (1- slide), conclusion (1 slide), and any references you cited (1 slide).

You can either record of yourself giving the presentation or write a script in the notes section for each slide. this is the 4 page paper portion do not include title page only body work After conducting your pilot study, you will be required to write a summary of your findings. The summary should include the following: Descriptive statistics (means, standard deviation) Findings from your evaluation (e.g., Males had less risk factors than females for cardiovascular disease based on a questionnaire) Support your findings with the relevant data (e.g., 60% of males were obese versus 20% of females) Recommendations for improving your study design, if necessary.

you are taking information off slides and summarizing into a paper The summary should be writtten similar to a results section of a scholarly publication. As an example, I’m providing you a link to a paper I co-authored. Pay attention to the results section, tables, and figures:

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